Happy New Year everyone. We hope you have all had a happy and restful holiday.

We are very pleased to welcome Brya Lister (Room 2), Sheila White (Room 5), Joanna Byrne (Room 10), and Dominique Kluts (Teaching and Learning Support teacher) to our team this year.

School organisation for 2018:

PRINCIPAL:                                  Catherine Ryan

DEPUTY PRINCIPAL:                    Christine Allen – Acting Director of Religious Studies

ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL:               Janet Lulich



Room 4                Year 2             Gretel Sequeira – TEAM LEADER

Room 1                Year 1             Anne MacLeod

Room 2                Year 1/2         Brya Lister

Room 1 & 2                                 Deborah Esther – Literacy and Numeracy support teacher

Room 3                Year 1             Veronica Sowerby

Room 3                                        Tania Alison – Literacy and Numeracy support teacher



Room 7                Year 3/4         Ma’ata Heimuli – TEAM LEADER

Room 5                Year 3/4         Sheila White

Room 6                Year 3/4         Catherine Lal

Room 8                Year 3/4         Sueanne D’Souza



Room 9                Year 5/6         Rosemary Young – TEAM LEADER

Room 10              Year 5/6         Joanna Byrne

Room 11              Year 5             Christina Heye

As a staff we work closely together when planning class organisation.  We thank you for trusting our professional knowledge and experience in placing each child in the best class for their learning growth and all round development in 2018.   A new school year is a wonderful opportunity to build resilience and independence, make new friends and welcome change.

We look forward to seeing most of you back at school on Monday 5th February. We entirely understand that some families may be planning to make the most of Waitangi Day and choose to take a four day weekend. Please remember to email the school office if your child/ren will be away.

For those wondering why our first official day is the Monday the reason is that we are required to be open a certain number of days in a school year and starting later impacts on our end of year finishing date.



Class placements have now been removed.  Please contact Denise Sampson at admin@marist.school.nz  for more information.