Happy New Year everyone. We hope you have all had a happy and restful holiday.

We are very pleased to welcome Catherine Lal (Room 6) and Sian Godbold (Room 7) to our team this year. Tania Allison will also be with us in Term 1 working alongside Gretel Sequeira in Room 4.

School organisation for 2017:

PRINCIPAL:                                  Catherine Ryan

DEPUTY PRINCIPAL:                    Christine Allen

ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL:               Janet Lulich


Room 4                Year 1             Gretel Sequeira – TEAM LEADER

Room 1                Year 1/2         Anne MacLeod

Room 2                Year 1/2         Marie Walker – DIRECTOR of RELIGIOUS STUDIES (DRS)

Room 3                Year 1/2         Sueanne D’Souza

Reading Recover Teacher:      Dot Howard-Smith


Room 10              Year 3/4         Ma’ata Heimuli – TEAM LEADER

Room 11              Year 3/4         Maddy Udale

Room 6                Year 3/4         Catherine Lal


NB Because of year group numbers there is a Year 4/5 class this year.

Room 9                Year 5/6         Rosemary Young – TEAM LEADER

Room 8                Year 5/6         Christina Heye

Room 7                Year 4/5         Sian Godbold

Learning Support Teacher:     Deborah Esther