We are now online with myKindo!

Great news! The PTFA are now online with myKindo so that you can order and pay for PTFA fundraisers such as Pizza slices, Sausage Sizzles and Ice Blocks, anytime – as well as ordering lunch using ezlunch.

The PTFA are launching with Ice Blocks (15th March), Pizza Slices (available fortnightly from 21st March) and Sausage Sizzle (24th May) and they are all available to order now! In the future we will also be selling tickets to our fundraisers via myKindo.

We are also excited to announce that we have a new ezlunch option – Subway, which will be available every Wednesday from the 20th March, as well as our current Brunch & Lunch options, both also available to order on myKindo

Please note that this is our preferred method of payment and will no longer be accepting cash, therefore we encourage all our families to create an account.

Our new shop service will save you valuable time. No more having to find cash, or queuing at the office, and you can have one account for the whole family.

You can shop anytime, anywhere, and always have access to your orders online.

Registration is easy!

New to ezlunch or myKindo?

Go to https://shop.tgcl.co.nz to set up your myKindo account.

 Already have an ezlunch or myKindo account?

Use the QR Code or go to https://shop.tgcl.co.nz
Go to the ‘my details’ page to update your information and your child(ren)’s details.