St Mary’s Parish, Mt Albert is a vibrant, multi-cultural and friendly parish. Our parish motto is “Living Mary’s Yes”, as Mary was, we now are the embodiment of God’s will.  Our parish is outward looking towards God’s children everywhere – in our homes, workplaces and in all activities.

Mass Times

Sunday: Mass 8.00am
Sunday: Mass 10.00am
Sunday: Mass 5.30pm
Monday: Mass 9.00am
Tuesday: Mass 7.00pm
Wednesday: Mass 9.00am
Thursday: Mass 10.00am
Friday: Mass 9.00am
Saturday: Mass 9.00am Followed by Reconciliation


Parish Priest: Fr Philip Lakra OFMCap

Assistant Parish Priest: Fr Ranjit Ekka OFMcap

20 Kitenui Avenue
Mt Albert
Auckland 1025

Office Location
Up ramp by house adjacent to church

Parish Secretary
Parish Secretary: Johanna Tumahai-Fox

Finance: Megan Williams

Office Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9.30am – 3pm

Wednesday 10.30am-3pm

Office Phone

09 846 6775